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Alselsal Trading is the leading Distributor of Nets Wireless Access Point wf2520 in Dubai Mena Region and South Africa

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Alselsal Trading Dubai

Leading Supplier of netis 300Mbps Wireless N High Power Ceiling-Mounted connection Point WF2520 in Dubai For Product Enquiry Kindly Contact our Sales Team

300Mbps Wireless N High Power Ceiling-Mounted Access Point (IEEE 802.3af&at PoE)

Long range, high performance wireless Internet connection across big regions is provided by the netis 300Mbps Wireless N High Power Ceiling-Mounted connection Point WF2520.For flexible wireless network configuration and deployment, it offers you a variety of wireless modes, including Access Point, AP Router, Client, WDS, Repeater, and WISP. Additionally, you may set up a solution where an electrical plug is not accessible or is difficult to reach thanks to the 802.3af&at PoE architecture. You will have a lot better network experience in big residences, buildings with several floors of workplaces, or warehouses when the power is set to high.

Ceiling-Mounted Design

The ceiling-mounted look of the WF2520 makes wall or ceiling surface installation simple.

Multiple Operation Mode

Access to a Range of Network Applications
As far as operating modes go, the WF2520 supports AP(Default), AP Router, and WISP. Additionally, it offers Access Point, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, and Client+Repeater modes for various wireless systems under AP Router mode. You may adaptably select an appropriate wireless mode to create or expand the wireless network based on your present network topology

High Power

Break Through Walls and Get Rid of Dead Zones The WF2520 offers strong Wi-Fi coverage that readily passes through walls and other Wi-Fi barriers to deliver Wi-Fi coverage in difficult-to-reach regions. This is made possible by the use of cutting-edge high Power Amplifiers (PA) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) technology. The garden, businesses, hotels, and warehouses are excellent places to use it.

PoE Supported (802.3af & at)

The WF2520 is powered by an Ethernet connection that simultaneously transfers data and electricity, allowing you to place the access point even in locations without power slots.When constructing a wireless network, it may seem more convenient to acquire the finest signal and coverage


300Mbps wireless N transfer rate
high transmission power to extend the range of the wireless signal
provides strong Wi-Fi coverage that can easily pass through obstacles like walls and remove dead zones.
Standard PoE design using 802.3af&at for flexible deployment
Stylish ceiling mount design for simple installation on a surface like a wall or ceiling
supports the following operating modes: WISP, WDS, Client, AP Router, and Access Point.
Under default Access Point mode, there is no setup
rapid setup and an integrated bilingual management page


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